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    Butterfly House

    One of the main highlights of a day spent on Mainau Island is a visit to Germany’s second largest butterfly house. Get a feeling of the tropics as you walk around the exotic landscape with its unique vegetation.

    Admire the tropical butterflies (approximately 80 different species) from Africa, Asia, Central and South America as they flutter around in the Butterfly House kept at 90% humidity and temperatures between 25°C and 30°C.

    Sometimes you can also see moths with a wingspan of up to 30cm. 70% of all the butterflies are imported from special breeding farms in their country of origin. They arrive as pupae every week on Mainau Island. The other 30% of the butterflies breed and lay eggs on the forage plants in the Butterfly House. You can see the butterfly’s entire lifecycle from egg to caterpillar and pupae to the emergence of the adult butterfly.

    More information on the fascinating world of butterflies is printed on 15 large information boards hanging on the walls of the foyer in the Butterfly House.
    Some of the butterflies in our Butterfly House

    Argema mittrei – female (Comet moth)
    Attacus atlas (Atlas moth)
    Biblis hyperia (Red rim butterfly)
    ChrysBiridia croesus (African sunset moth)
    Kallima paralekta (Oak leaf moth)
    Morpho Achilles (Achilles Morpho)
    Morpho peleides (Peleides Blue Morpho)
    Papilio ophidicephalus (Emperor swallowtail)
    Papilo palinurus (Emerald swallowtail)
    Papilio rumanzovia (Scarlet swallowtail)

    Opening hours during the Flower Year from 10am to 7pm.