Baroque Palace

Baroque jewel in the middle of the island

The Palace of the Teutonic Order: architectural middle point and backdrop for various occasions. The island’s heart beats here, Count Björn Bernadotte lives here.

The Palace of the Teutonic Order was designed by Johann Caspar Bagnato and built under his supervision from 1739 to 1746. Despite limited finances, he managed to create n well-proportioned symmetrical building of great harmony. The arms of both side wings open out horseshoe-like towards the mainland whilst the back of the building faces the lake. The building rests on a base above which there are two floors. Adorning the west gable, are the coats of arms of the Grand Master Clemens August of Bavaria, the provincial commander Philipp of Froberg and the Mainau commander Friedrich of Baden, and on the east gable facing the lake the coat of arms of the Teutonic Order. Bagnato dispensed with a magnificent representative Würzburg-style staircase in his design. He built simple staircases in the side wings instead which lead to the upper floors.

The palace’s heart is the former audience hall, the so-called “White Hall”, kept in the colours white and gold. Its appearance as we know it today dates back to 1883. The hall is only open to the public for concerts or special events. The Heraldic Hall, the central room in the basement of the former Corps de Logis, is open to the public for various exhibitions. And also the palace cafe rooms leading through to the Palm House.

The architecture of the palace and church forms a splendid harmonious ensemble – they are a unique example of Southern German Baroque.

Various rooms of the palace are open to the public for exhibitions and events as is the palace cafe.


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