Dahlia Garden

A bright ocean of colours

Dahlias with their floral magnificence and great diversity are the autumn attraction on Mainau Island. The island’s southern slope turns into a true firework of colours from the end of August until mid October when around 12,000 of these plants bloom in the Dahlia Garden.

These colourful beauties from Mexico are planted according to growth-height in flowerbeds covering an area of 2,400 square metres. The smallest ones are about 40cm tall whereas the giant ones can be up to 2 metres tall. The flowers range from just 4cm in size in mignon dahlias to 25 cm in decorative dahlias.

Sun-drenched dahlias in all imaginable colours, forms and sizes delight our visitors. That’s why it’s not easy to choose the annul Mainau Queen of Dahlias. Cactus, semi-cactus, colorette, single, starfish, pom-pom, anemone and peony dahlias and many more brighten up autumn’s final days.

Splendour of Spring at Dahlia Garden

During springtime the spaciously displays of Mainau Islands Dahlia Garden transform into a colourful ocean of lovely spring flowers like late tulips, allium, Iceland poppy and forget-me-nots. Until Mid-June visitors are invited to enjoy the inspirational profusion of flowers in the Dahlia Garden with its unique landscape of Lake Constance. Shortly after the gardener start planting 12,000 dahlias that crest the magical beauty of autumn at Mainau Island. 



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