Historic Citrus Collection

Magic of the south

The historic citrus collection can be seen in the palace courtyard on Mainau Island during the summer months from approx. June to September. Seville oranges, grapefruits, limes, citrons, lemons and other varieties exude a tempting fresh aroma and lend a Mediterranean flair to the Flower Island.

The gold and yellow fruits of the various citruses shine out from a distance from the deep green leaves of the baroque-shaped trees.

Citrus plants have a long tradition on Mainau. Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden brought the first exemplars to the island in 1886. Count Lennart Bernadotte started to increase the collection in 1968. Some of the especially old and rare varieties came from various botanic gardens and private collections of old ruling Italian families among them also from the gardens of the Medici.

The tubs in which the precious plants are presented are also special. The exclusive Versailles-style planters add a note of grandeur to the Mainau citrus collection.

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