Insect Garden

A garden for busy helpers

Mainau Island wishes to inform visitors and also increase their awareness for the importance of bees, their way of life and cultural history with this garden and also about the dangers posed to them

This part of the island, with its wealth of information, forms a harmonious transition between Platanenweg 5’s informational horticultural garden and the agricultural landscape of the vineyard and the bordering orchards.

However, Mainau visitors are not just informed about but are also invited to feel sense and actively experience bees. A walk-in tree stump housing a bee colony at the top has been erected for this purpose. Only a net separates it from the visitors, making the sounds and smells of the bee colony a truly incredible experience.

Plants that attract bees and other insects because they are rich in nectar or pollen are called melliferous plants. These not only include native wild plants and agricultural plants like fruit, sunflowers and rapeseed but also many decorative plants as well. Native plants and fruit trees flower in springtime and so the garden plants that flower later in the year are a great source of food for insects. Beside meadow plants and summer flowerers, these include many popular garden perennials like asters, cat mint and alliums.

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