Mediterranean Terrace

The plant world of the South

A perfect setting for the Mediterranean plant world: the Mediterranean Terrace with the fountain arena. Many tropical plants line the path to the fountain arena during the summer months. The luxuriant terrace landscape of the extensive gardens lends a Mediterranean flair and offers a unique panoramic view of Lake Constance.

A large old Chinese trumpet vine (Campsis grandiflora) is particularly striking. It is a climbing shrub which bears tropical-looking bright orange-red flowers in July. The large number of tropical and subtropical plants like palms, agaves, bougainvilleas and passion flowers in front of the backdrop of sweet chestnuts and various cypress species accentuate the Mediterranean feeling. There’s a wonderful view of the water cascade and dahlia garden from the terrace.

A lovely exemplar of an evergreen oak (Quercus x turneri “Pseudoturneri”) is found on the terrace above the water cascade.

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