Sustainability Parcours

Useful tips for acting sustainably

The topic of sustainability has been addressed in all departments of the Lake Constance Island of Mainau for many years now and is firmly anchored in the company’s policies in the form of an environment management system. The inter-active exponents of the sustainability parcours are designed to make visitors more aware of this topic and to encourage them to act sustainably.

Nine stations; nine topics

The parcours has nine stations dotted around the island. These are recognized by the new logo, a so-called “word cloud” in the shape of a footprint.

Foodstuff water

This theme touches almost all areas of life and so, in the true sense of the word you could take water to mean “foodstuff”. Without water life’s not possible. Besides being something we drink, it is essential for a great number of things: no washing without water- no clothes without water- no food without water-....

Water is so important that it should be so precious to us. For several years now, Mainau has saved an incredible amount of fresh/drinking water alone through the installation of waterless urinals at some of the restaurants.

Insects for greater biodiversity

The insect garden shows how important wild and honey bees are for pollination. As part of the sustainability parcours, it gives lots of supplementary information for hobby gardeners on what they can do to attract these natural pollinators to their own gardens and so help to safeguard biodiversity.

Energy:  on Mainau and at home

Mainau has committed itself to its “own” energy transition for more than 20 years. To date, it has built an energy system that chiefly uses renewable fuels sourced from local producers. The energy pavilion not only shows Mainau’s energy concept in an interactive way but also informs visitors where energy is needed in their own homes and where they can make energy savings.

Biological plant protection with beneficial insects

A beneficial insect station transports visitors and hobby gardeners to the microscopic world of the little aphid predator. It aims to make people aware that biological methods of plant protection are available instead of chemical ones.

New: the Bird Trail on the Wild and Bush Rose Promenade

The newly created bird trail gives tips for putting up nesting aids in your own garden; encouraging you to leave your own mark of sustainability in the form of self-built or bought bird boxes.

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