Platanenweg 5

Show garden for hobby gardeners

It is a melodious name – Platanenweg 5. Directly opposite the Butterfly House there’s a small blue wooden garden house amid green bushes and trees. Platanenweg 5 is surrounded by a white garden fence which demarcates this area from other areas of the park. This creates the feeling of its own front garden with space for a small garden pond. Small paths meander through the flower meadow and little lights and decorative elements hang in the hedges and bushes waiting to be discovered. Strawberries from a hanging basket? Hydrangea bushes in pots? The Platanenweg 5 gives tips on current garden trends. You can find  lots of ideas for your own garden here

Various Flower Island partners also present themselves in the gardens around Platanenweg 5. Plantations created in cooperation with the magazine “Mein schöner Garten” and also “Lisa Blumen und Pflanzen” and a greenhouse from the firm Beckman complete the area.

“The Green Telephone” is also found here. Mainau gardeners give advice on plants and also answer any gardening questions from visitors.

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