Rhododendron Slope

Profuse flowering rhododendrons

In May and sometimes in June, nearly 250 rhododendron species growing in the shade of wonderful trees create a colourful ocean of flowers on Mainau Island’s eastern slope. This part of the park through which the rhododendron path meanders covers an area of approx. 3,000 m 2 and has all imaginable types of rhododendron; from low growing dwarf varieties to vigorous growing ones with enormous single blossoms and filigree, summer green, small flowering varieties generally called azaleas.

The predominantly evergreen bushes thrive particularly well in the high humidity of Lake Constance. The semi-shade provided by the large false cypresses, thujas and other mighty trees like beeches and limes is also advantageous.

Besides the colourful ambassadors from Asia, there are also some very unusual varieties and also those loved by rhododendron-connoisseurs. Many of the rhododendrons have grown into almost tree-like bushes. Together, they build a colour ensemble of great visual depth and remarkable beauty.

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