Lakeside Garden with Floral Clock

A home for magnificent trees and floral variations

The Lakeside Garden lies at the south-eastern tip of Mainau Island. Tall beeches, limes and other trees characterize this part of the park with its long meandering floral band. This area is half-shady and so the ideal place to present the old and very large fuchsia solitaries.

The Lakeside Garden is also the home of numerous rhododendron bushes and their accompanying plants and also camellias that obviously thrive well here.

 Mainau’s first primeval redwood also stands in the Lakeside Garden. It came to the island from Kew Gardens in London in 1952.

Many years ago, Mainau gardeners created a flowerbed in the shape of Lake Constance on a slope at the edge of the Lakeside Garden. The floral picture informs visitors about the geography of the Swabian Sea.

A “Floral Clock”, styled on the one by Carl von Linné, was planted at the northern end of the Lakeside Garden in 2008. The Swedish botanist created this clock back in 1745 and it has astounded onlookers ever since.

Carl von Linné made the observation that different species of plants open their flowers fully at particular times of the day. Based on this discovery, he sought out the respective plant for each full hour of the day. He created a round flowerbed with subdivisions like the dial of a clock. He then put the appropriate plant in each of the twelve divisions that either opened or closed its flowers at exactly this time. One plant could be used twice in the clock if for example; its flowers open at 8am and close again at 5pm. It is said of Linné that he could tell the time correctly to within five minutes when looking at his floral clock.

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