Tips for your Mainau visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find a list of frequently asked questions about Mainau Island.

When we're open

Mainau Island is open every day from sunrise to sunset. View the Island’s hours.

How to get here

Mainau Island is located in the South of Germany, close to Switzerland and Austria. It is easy to reach by car, train, bus, bike and ship. Get directions.


Admission price varies by age and date. View the ticket prices for your day of visit.

Plan to be outside

Most of Mainau Island consists of outdoor spaces, although there are indoor spaces like the Baroque Palace, Palm House or Butterfly House open year-round as well. We are open in all weather conditions, and a visit can include extensive walking. Please plan your attire accordingly to weather forecast.


Mainau Island and its buildings are accessible to people with disabilities, with the exception of a few areas where the terrain is naturally uneven. Wheelchairs are available free of charge at all entry points, on a first-come, first-served basis (reservations are not accepted).

Photography at Mainau Island & Gardens

Photo Guidelines for all Photographers

  • Please do not enter flowerbeds, plant displays, or mulched areas. Remain on the pathways and grassy turf at all times.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Garden.
  • No props, furniture, luggage, or clothing changes are permitted.
  • Do not disturb or remove plants, plant labels, or containers.
  • Do not block entrances, pathways, or Garden areas for use by others in any way.
  • Drone photography is not allowed on the grounds.
  • Remember that Mainau Island is a public place where visitors are welcome in all public areas and that regular business continues during normal operating hours. Some festivals and special events draw exceptionally large crowds.

Amateur photography
Individual photographers are welcome to photograph the plants and gardens of for their personal use and enjoyment. No commercial use is allowed, and no compensation may be received for plant or Garden images.

Commercial photography/videography guidelines
Media photography, commercial photography, video and film shoots must be arranged at least one week in advance of the shoot with our Press Relations Department: or +49 7531 303 - 138

  • Stay on paths.
  • Deposit trash, recyclables, and compost in designated receptacles.
  • Picnic in the designated picnic area.
  • Wear shirts and shoes at all times.
  • Walk on the grass.
  • Pick flowers.
  • Touch plants, trees, art installations or any special exhibition pieces.
  • Carve your name, initials, date, etc. into any Mainau Island property.
  • Climb trees or rocks.
  • Feed or approach animals or birds, except Children's Zoo. Here we provide special food for the animals.
  • Build fires.
  • Use portable radios or sound reproductive devices.
  • Engage in recreational sports or bring sporting equipment, including scooters for recreation.
  • Throw rice, confetti, birdseed, flowers or bring balloons.
  • Host events at Mainau Islands without written approval.
  • Bring drones.
  • Bring multiple changes of clothes for personal photo/film shoots.
Lost & Found

If you have left something behind at Mainau Island, please contact the Mainau Service Centre at +49 7531 303 - 0

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