Comturey restaurant

Fresh, authentic, local – a modern flair to the Lake Constance cuisine

The restaurant is closed.

Enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Constance from the Comturey restaurant reopened in 2014. It forms part of the redesigned harbour area uniting the various architectural styles on Mainau: the Comturey tower from the 13th century, the baroque palace from the 18th century, the harbour house from the 19th century and the Palm House from 1998.

Organic, local, seasonal, authentic – this is the philosophy behind the Comturey restaurant’s concept.

Enjoy refreshing Lake Constance water flavoured with mint leaves or slices of apple or local Lake Constance wines. Watch our chefs prepare creative dishes from fresh local produce in the open show kitchen.

Look forward to things like:

  • Lake Constance fish soup
  • Wild herb salad
  • Veal ragout
  • Chocolate dessert

The terrace in front of the Comturey restaurant is the ideal spot to end the day watching the sunset over the lake.

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