What's in Bloom

November Blooms

A visit to Mainau Island is an unforgettable experience at any time of year. Here you will find a selection of flowers, trees and shrubs that you can discover during a walk in November:

Before the gingko tree at the palace church St. Marien loses all its leaves, they turn as yellow as the summer sun.

Along the Metasequoia Avenue [10], dawn redwoods (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) shine in bright red colors.

Ornamental grasses are both majestic and delicate and enrich the Shrub Garden [44].

In late autumn, all wild and shrub roses are decorated with bright red rose hips.

On the Roof Garden [48], the Siberian crab apple tree is decorated with its little red fruits.

The Japanese maple in the Arboretum [25] was already planted in 1905 and lights up like fire these days.

Bald cypress trees (Taxodium distichum) are known for the copper red autumn color of their needles.

Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus) thrives particularly well in the mild climate of the Dahlia Garden [38] and spreads a pleasant scent.

Chrysanthemums, combined with ornamental grasses and different shrubs, decorate the balustrade in front of the Palm House [32].

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, the Butterfly House [19] invites you to warm up and enjoy the exotic plants, for example the flamingo flower (Anthurium)…

…or the lollipop plant (Pachystachys lutea), also known as golden shrimp plant.

The Brazilian red-cloak (Megaskepasma erythrochlamys) with its pink flower color attracts attention as well.

The flowering periods mentioned above only provide approximate information.
They depend on the temperature and the precipitation and can therefor vary. The pictures shown here are based on the flowering periods of the past year. You are welcome to inquire about what’s in bloom before your visit to Mainau: info@mainau.de

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