Roof Garden

Green oasis with views across Lake Constance

Winding paths, flowering shrubs and bushes, Lake Constance glittering in the sunshine – this postcard idyll can be experienced from the Comturey restaurant’s exceedingly green roof garden. This small plant paradise, covering an area of 1400square metres, is located below Mainau Palace. It is just waiting to be discovered by our visitors. What makes it so special; it not only houses more than 15,000 plants but is also the “crown” on our Comturey restaurant in the island’s harbour area. Every so often, the balmy summer breeze carries the aromatic smell of freshly baked bread from the “Daily Bread” bakery across the island making the summer feeling perfect.

The main emphasis in the plantation of the roof garden lies in the presentation of shrubs and perennials and also classic garden hydrangeas. Over 50 different varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla with ball-shaped blossoms have been planted with accompanying perennials in colour coordinated schemes.

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