Palace Church St. Marien

Baroque jewel in Lake Constance

The palace church St. Marien was also built 1732 to 1739 by Johann Caspar Bagnato. Its main features - the high alter, side alters, pulpit and statues were made by the most renowned baroque sculptor of Southwest Germany, Joseph Anton Feuchtmeyer (1696-1770).

The ceiling murals and high alter painting by Franz Joseph Spiegler are dedicated to the life of Maria. The rich work by Francesco Pozzi is more than just decoration – it guides the gaze to the all important: “heavenly area” of chancel and high alter. The church is an entire artwork showing the religiousness at the time.

The triumphant advance of Baroque at Lake Constance began here. St. Marien’s church bell is one of the few bells at Lake Constance that were made before the time of the Thirty Years’ War. It was cast in Lindau in 1505 and has a diameter of 54 cm and weighs 150 kg.

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