Together in the Garden

Likeable giants at the pond

An unusual plant figure was created by the Dutch artist Sjer Jacobs on Mainau’s southern shore near the pond with fountains. Two over dimensional heads, made from 50m3 of soil, covered in moss and other permanent plants, raise their faces to the sun. The plant figure blends well into its surroundings. It will be left to develop naturally as far as is possible.

The artwork called “Together in the Garden” is 3metres tall and 9metres wide and has enriched the southern side of the Flower Island for several years now. It has become a popular photo motif with our visitors.

The two giants have a “privacy screen” in summer from our imposing bald cypresses (Taxodium distichum) with their sweeping yellowy-green needled branches that turn bright red and gold in autumn. One of the visual highlights of these fossil trees is that they have aerial roots which protrude up from the soil like small rounded stumps creating a hillocky landscape.

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