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Planning to visit Mainau Island soon? See fabulous exhibitions and other events occuring during the year.


Spring Exhibition | 5 March to 8 May 2022
The Spring sales exhibition at Mainau Castle is the traditional opening event for the Mainau Flower Year and invites visitors into rooms with colourful displays. Visitors enjoy looking around, lingering and drawing inspiration from the many attractive home accessories and decorations, both small and large. This year is no exception and the Mainau exhibition team has put together many accessories and ideas for you for the upcoming Spring and Easter celebrations.

Orchid Show | 18 March to 8 May 2022
From Friday 18 March to Sunday 8 May 2022 the Palm House on Flower Island Mainau will host over 3,000 exotic beauties in their amazing variety of shapes and colours. Discover the vibrant colours of Phaleonopsis, Vanda and Cattleya orchids as well as botanic rarities artistically arranged by our gardeners. Since 1973, the Orchid Show is the prelude to Mainau Island’s blooming highlights in the park.

Tulips and Spring Flowers | From End of March to the beginning of May
Mainau gardeners plant almost 400 different types of tulips in the flowerbeds and meadows each year. The long carpet of tulips growing along the Spring Avenue is truly a magnificent sight. Enjoy thousands of tulips in the meadow on Mainau Island’s southern flank.

The Count’s Island Festival | 26 May to 29 May 2022
The ethos of the Count’s Island Festival is all about “strolling, shopping and enjoyment.” National and international exhibitors offer everything you can imagine on the theme of “trends and life style for the garden lover”. As well as enjoying the varied programme of events, you can obtain tips and suggestions for your own garden or balcony from the Mainau gardening experts.


Rose Blossoms and voting for the Mainau Queen of Roses | June to September
During the rose month of June, more than 1.000 varieties of the Queen of Flowers bloom along the Wild and Bush Rose Promenade and in the Italian Rose Garden which was laid by Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden at the foot of the castle in 1871.

Midsummer Festival | 25 June 2022
The Bernadotte family has their roots in Sweden. Experience the traditional Swedish Midsummer Festival! As you enjoy the typical music and dance of Sweden and its delicacies on the forecourt of the Rothaus lakeside terraces directly on the lake, you can sense the merriment and zest for life for which our neighbours from the far North are renowned.


Mainau Apple Day | 17 September 2022
Enjoy a fun day with the whole family and learn new things about about this popular fruit of Lake Constance Region. Kids can have a go at being fruit detectives, making apple chips, peeling apples with a machine and pressing apple juice. The chefs at the Rothaus Seeterrassen restaurant serve up dishes like sauerkraut with apples, pumpkin apple soup, apple fritters and of course freshly baked apple cake.

Dahlia Blossoms | End of August to October
Over 12,000 dahlias in more than 270 different varieties provide a brilliant firework of blossoms each year heralding the arrival of autumn.

The Count’s Palace Festival | 30 September to 3 October 2022
The Count’s Palace Festival has “Noblesse Oblige” as its motto. This is a very special shopping experience in the Baroque Mainau Palace in rooms not usually opened to the public and offers you the opportunity to buy select and beautiful jewelry and fashion items and choice accessories as well as culinary delicacies.


Christmas Garden Insel Mainau | 22 November 2022 to 8 January 2023
After its successful premiere in winter 2021, Christmas Garden Insel Mainau opens its doors again this year to bring light to the dark season. The Christmas Garden is a winter oasis where friends, colleagues, couples and the whole family can spend an evening in an atmospheric setting. The Christmas Garden takes you on a two-kilometre-long circular trail through the garden island of Mainau, with numerous glittering light installations transporting you to a magical Christmas world. Book your ticket here

Lucia Singing | 12 December 2022
Lucia is a major Swedish tradition. Girls and boys from a school choir as well as a member of the Bernadotte Family wearing white gowns, red sashes and candles to celebrate the Saint Lucia, the bearer of light. On Mainaus Island there is concert in front of Mainau Baroque Palace and some Christmas Carols are going to be chanted.

Swedish Christmas Buffet | 17 November to 17 December 2022
In November and December, the chefs of Mainau Island spoil their guests with a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet, the "Julbord". After a Swedish mulled wine there are delicacies from the  6 traditional types of buffet. The guests enjoy fish specialities and traditional Swedish delicacies such as Köttbullar (meatballs). The meal is rounded off, for example, with Swedish almond tart, caramel pudding and apple dessert with vanilla sauce.

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