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Mainau Flower Island is an unforgettable destination in any season. Visiting Mainau Island with a group is the best way to explore our unique swimming botanical garden. Whether you are a travel business, community club or just a group of friends, everyone enjoys a discount with advanced purchase of 10 or more tickets. 

Mainau Island – experience the 4 seasons

The best of Mainau
Learn about the history, the botany and other interesting facts about
Mainau Island during an informative tour through the park. We offer
an insight into the work of Count Lennart Bernadotte’s family.
Enjoy this guided tour in the special atmosphere of
the evening hours.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 100 €

Mainau’s botanical treasures

Botanical specialities and rarities
Experience the show of blossoms as they change with the seasons, the
magic of our ancient trees, the beauty of the gardens and greenhouses
and hear about their secrets and stories.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 105 €

Knights, counts, noblemen – Mainau Island through the ages

Take a journey through Mainau’s fascinating past
Find out many remarkable things about the Teutonic Order of Knights,
the period of the Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden, up to the count’s
family Bernadotte. Get to know the baroque splendour of Mainau
Palace and the church St. Marien and also the historic background
to some of our botanical treasures.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 105 €

Blossoming water – floating gardens

Guided tour in tune with the 2021 theme of the year
As an island, Mainau is a floating garden. In 2020 we bring water into
bloom in a splendid variety of facets and water itself becomes our
preeminent theme. Come and explore with us exhibits and planting
arrangements, designed by the Mainau gardeners in tune with this
year’s theme.
Bookable from Mid-May
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 120 €

Nature meets arts

Bronze, marble and steel in harmony with roses and old trees
Approximately 30 sculptures permanently adorn the Mainau Park:
the four seasons in marble watch over the roses in the historic rose
garden near the palace. The fisherwoman from Lake Constance hides
away in the shade of old alders by the shore. And the steel sculpture
by Thomas Röthel near the dahlia garden entitled “Relationship”
seems to hover above the lake. Come and join us on a journey of
discovery to find the art treasures of Mainau Island, which are hidden
away to varying extents near the palace, in the church and everywhere in
the park and the gardens.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 120 €

From Park Bench to Park Bench

Please take a seat!
Listen to captivating stories of bygone times, just as you did when you were
a child. Learn more about the Bernadotte family and the Mainau
enterprise and listen to some fascinating facts about the Flower Island
at various idyllic spots in the park.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 105 €

Learn from the Experts

Horticultural tour through the park
A Mainau garden expert takes you through the park and talks about
topical seasonal gardening and the botanical highlights. This tour is
for hobby gardeners, professional horticulturists and for those who are
interested in plants and gardening. Our experts will give advice on
flowers, how to tend gardens, rare shrubs and much more.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 150 €

A look behind the scenes

Horticultural tour through the greenhouses
We take you on an expert guided tour of Mainau Island’s greenhouses.
Watch the Mainau gardeners at work and learn from their expertise.
We give useful tips on plant protection in the house and garden,
propagation and fertilizers etc.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 60 min
Price: 140 €

Not only ‘Noblesse oblige’

Mainau Island’s sustainability path
A varied garden not only warms the heart of the amateur gardener,
but is also attractive to wildlife and good for the environment.
Follow the “green footprint” on this round tour, which marks the nine
exciting, playful, and in part, interactive stations of the sustainability
adventure path. Be inspired on a ramble through Mainau’s insect garden,
the bird nature trail and the kitchen garden. You will learn many things
worth knowing about our Lake Constance water. By all means try this
out yourself at home, too!
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 105 €

Winter’s dream on Mainau Island

From a wintery park to tropical warmth
There are a variety of opportunities to explore our island even during the cooler winter months
when the park is especially charming. Enjoy the winter tranquillity of the arboretum and the
impressive sight of the snow-covered giant trees. Learn fascinating things about the castle church
St Marien and come with us to see the changing exhibitions in the
Heraldic Hall of Mainau Palace. Our next stop is a lovely place
to warm up: the tropical Butterfly House.
Max. number of persons: 15
Tour lasts: 90 min
Price: 100 €

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